Year 6 SPELLING BEE – 2022/2023

Year 6Q:

1st Place – Minudi Wimalaratne

2nd Place – Keyaan Sheriff

3rd Place – Nethmi Jayasekera

The finalists in the 6Q team: Danyal Marikar

Bilesha Lakshmiweva and Anushree Dabhade

Year 6R:

1st Place – Rayyan Zafar Nisthar

2nd Place – Anabayan Baheerathan

3rd Place – Jalini Dasanayake

The finalists in the 6R team: Anuki Etipola

Yamaan Sajjaad and Sneha Kodytuakku

Year 6J: 

1st Place – Miqdad Mubarak

2nd Place – Akain Senavirathna

3rd Place – David Jeganathan

The finalists in the 6J team: Dinuk Seneviratne Radhek Thevkanth and Leah Jabeer.

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