First Term

1st Term – Tuesday, 22nd August to Friday, 15th December 2023


Activites  Days
Staff Meeting Monday, 22nd
Beginning of the Academic Year – Year 3 upwards Tuesday, 22nd
Inter-House Athletics Selection Saturday, 26th
Reopening of Elementary School –Year 1 & 2 Monday, 28th
Reopening of Elementary–PG, KG & & Montessori School Thursday, 31st


Activites  Days
Parents’ Evening – Form I (Virtual) Friday, 1st
Inter-House Athletics Heats Saturday, 2nd
Extra Curricular Activities Fair Wednesday, 6th
Commerce Competition Day Friday, 8th
Inter-House Swimming Meet Heats Saturday, 9th
IISchools Chess Tournament Sat., 9th & Sun., 10th
Special Assembly – Founder’s Day Tuesday, 12th
Inter-House Swimming Meet Finals Friday, 15th
Inter-House Spelling Bee – Senior School Tuesday, 19th
Special Assembly – Holy Prophet’s B’ Day Friday, 22nd
Inter-House Athletics (Field Events) Saturday, 23rd
Commerce Day Tuesday, 26th
Children’s Day Celebrations – Elementary/Junior/Middle Wednesday, 27 th


Activites  Days
Parents’ Evening – Form I Monday, 2nd
Children’s Day Celebrations – Montessori School Tuesday, 3rd
Parents’ Evening – Form II & III Wednesday, 4th
IH Athletic Meet 2023 Finals / Pet Day – Elementary Friday, 6th
Inter-House Oratorical Competition Finals (Gavel) Wednesday, 11th
Special Assembly – Dasara Friday, 13th
Parent/Teacher Meeting : Junior School – Year 3 & 4 Friday, 13th
Parent/Teacher Meeting : Elementary, Years 5 & 6 Saturday, 14th
Mid-Term Holidays Sat., 14th to Tues.,24th
Speech Competition – Year 6 Friday, 27th


Activites  Days
Inter-International Schools’ Swimming Championships Sat., 5th & Sun., 6th
Inter-House GK Quiz – Senior School Tuesday, 8th
Parents’ Evening – Form IV &V Wednesday, 9th
Parents’ Evening – Lower VI & Upper VI Tuesday, 15th
Annual Concert Rehearsal – Montessori School Tuesday, 22nd
Annual Concert Rehearsal – Montessori School Wednesday, 23rd
Year 4, 5 & 6 Exams commence Thursday, 24th
Form IV – 1st Term Exams commence Friday, 25th
Concert Rehearsal–Elementary School Sunday, 27th
Concert – Elementary School Monday, 28th
Form III, Lower VI & Upper VI Exams commence Monday, 28th
Forms I & II – 1st Term Exams commence Tuesday, 29th


Activites  Days
All Exams End / Class Trips – Year 3 & 4 Friday, 2nd
Non-pupil Day (Paper Marking) Monday, 5th
Paper Discussion Day Tue., 6th to Fri., 9th
Junior Art Competition – Year 3 & 4 Tuesday, 6th
Junior Art Competition – Year 5 & 6 TThursday, 8th
Inter-House Futsal Tournament Friday, 9th
Non-pupil Day (Report Writing) Monday, 12th
Santa Visits AIS – Elementary School Christmas Assembly/ Reports to students/ Thursday, 15th
Concert Rehearsal–Elementary School Sunday, 27th
Christmas Celebrations-Montessori / End of Term Friday, 16th

Second Term

Commencing from Wednesday, 4th January to Tuesday, 4th April 2023


Activites  Days
Staff Meeting Tuesday, 3rd
Reopening of School –Thalakotuwa & Montessori Sch Wednesday, 4th
Edexcel IGCSE / IAL Exams commence Monday, 9th
Spelling Bee – Year 6 Thursday, 19th
Edexcel IGCSE Exams End Friday, 20th
Edexcel IAL Exams End Tuesday, 24th
Inter-House Creative Writing Competition-Snr.School Tuesday, 24th
Spelling Bee – Middle School Wednesday, 25th
Inter-House Tennis Tournament Saturday, 28th


Activites  Days
Drama Production Thurs.,2nd & Fri., 3rd
Independence Day Celebrations–Montessori School Friday, 3rd
Special Assembly – Independence Day Monday, 6th
GK Quiz – Middle School Wednesday, 8th
Class Trips – Middle School Friday, 10th
Singing Competition – Junior School Wednesday, 15th
Sports Meet Rehearsal – Elementary School Thursday, 16th
Sports Meet – Elementary School Friday, 17th
Creative Writing Competition – Junior School Friday, 17th
Parents Evening – Lower VI & Upper VI Friday, 17th
Form V Mock Exams commence Monday, 20th


Activites  Days
Singing Competition – Middle School Wednesday, 1st
Form V Mock Exams End Friday, 3rd
Paper Discussions – Form V Wed., 8th to Fri., 10th
COMUN Conference (Day One) Friday, 10th
COMUN Conference (Day Two) Saturday, 11th
COMUN Conference (Day Three) Sunday, 12th
Parents’ Evening – Form V / A-Level Subject Choices Evening Wednesday, 15th
Sports Meet Rehearsal – Montessori School Wednesday, 15th
Sports Meet – Montessori School Thursday, 16th
Lower VI & Upper VI Mock Exams commence Friday, 17th /td>
Parent/Teacher Meetings–Elementary & Junior School Saturday, 18th
Dr. Seuss Day – Elementary School Tuesday, 21st
Science & Humanities Day – Junior School Friday, 24th
Lower VI & Upper VI Mock Exams end Friday, 24th
Paper Discussions – Lower VI & Upper VI Mon., 27th & Tues.,28th
Drama Competition – Middle School Wednesday, 29th
Swimming Gala – Year 1, 2 & 3 Thursday, 30th
Swimming Gala – Year 4, 5 & 6 Thursday, 30th


Activites  Days
Special Assembly – Sinhala New Year Tuesday, 4th
Avurudhu Celebrations–Elementary & Montessori Sch Tuesday, 4th
Reports – Lower VI & Upper VI Tuesday, 4th
End of Term Tuesday, 4th

Third Term

Commencing from Tuesday, 25th April to Friday, 30th June 2023


Activites  Days
Reopening of School – Thalakotuwa & Montessori School Tuesday, 25th


Activites  Days
Senior Inter-House Debates – Preliminary Sessions (Round One) Wednesday, 3rd
Special Assembly – Vesak Thursday, 4th
Vesak Celebrations – Montessori School Thursday, 4th
Inter-International Schools’ –U14 Netball Tournament (organized by AIS) Sunday, 7th
Senior Inter-House Debates – Preliminary Sessions (Round Two) Wednesday, 10th
Parents’ Evening – Forms I & II Friday, 12th
Senior Inter-House Debates – Finals Tuesday, 16th
Parents’ Evening – Form III / IGCSE Subject Choices Evening Wednesday, 17th
Parents’ Evening – Form IV Friday, 19th
Art Exhibition – Opening Ceremony Thursday, 25th
Art Exhibition Friday, 26th


Activites  Days
Annual Art Exhibition -Montessori School Thursday, 1st
Form IV Exams commence Wednesday, 7th
Year 4, 5 & 6 Exams commence – Junior School Thursday, 8th
AS Level 2023/24 Orientation Course commences Monday, 12th
Form III Exams commence Tuesday, 13th
Forms I & II Exams commence Wednesday, 14th
Junior School Exams End Thursday, 15th
All Exams end Monday, 19th
Non-pupil Day (Paper Marking) Tuesday, 20th
Paper Discussion Wed,21st to Fri,23rd
Non-pupil Day (Report Writing) Monday, 26th
Talent Show – Elementary School Monday, 26th
AS Orientation Course ends Wednesday, 28th
Final School Day – Thalakotuwa & Montessori School Friday, 30th


Activites  Days
Inter-International Schools’ U-20 Tennis Tournament Sat.,1st & Sun., 2nd
Graduation Ceremony Tuesday, 4th
Prize Day – Rehearsal Thursday, 6th
Prize Day Friday, 7th
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