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AIS is recognised as a Teaching Institution by Pearson, which allows the conducting of exams within the school as a centre, eliminating the need for any intermediary organisations.

Our students learn and grow within a nurturing pastoral environment imbued with the principles of respect, equality and fair play, where diversity is encouraged and celebrated.

Each individual makes a unique and valued contribution to the rich fabric of school life, and our world qualified, trained and experienced teachers ensure that no one is left behind.

Sport is given an important place in the School’s curriculum. The school encourages Swimming, Basketball, Netball, Tennis and Rowing. Music and Dance is taught as part of the curriculum up to Grade 8. Clubs and Societies encourage further specialization.

It is the aim of AIS to provide students with a sound moral basis, a well educated mind with a solid academic foundation, and very importantly, to develop a balanced well rounded person. Academic learning must go hand in hand with character development and to this end we train our pupils at AIS.

Sections of AIS

The educational journey is a transformative experience that shapes individuals’ knowledge, skills, and personal growth. To provide a structured and age-appropriate learning environment, school is typically divided into four distinct sections: Elementary school, Junior school, Middle school, and Upper school. In this article, we explore these sections, highlighting their unique characteristics and the importance they hold in a student’s educational development.

Elementary School

Our well-resourced and creatively laid out Elementary School provides a happy, safe and a very homely environment where we gradually prepare your child for school life. Children between the ages of 2 ½ and 7 learn and develop both academically and socially in a stimulating learning environment. Our classrooms are designed to be inviting and inspiring with diverse subject areas  which the children are encouraged to explore independently..

Junior School

Junior School (KS2)
The Junior School comprises of students ranging from the ages of 7 ½ to 10 ½ in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Its objective is to enable the child to realise his or her potential a unique individual and to develop cognitive, social and emotional skills in order to interact harmoniously with his/her peers and adults in the community.

Middle School 

A well-rounded education is provided in the Middle School to create an educational experience that brings together academic, social and emotional learning which provides students with essential pillars to build a firm foundation for happiness, fulfillment and success in life. The objective of this approach is to support and nurture young adolescents to grow and develop into confident, able and responsible young adults.

Upper School

The richly stimulating learning experience in the upper school is designed to challenge as well as encourage young minds to think skillfully, manage responsibly, and balance intelligently all the opportunities given to them. The Upper School boasts of a dedicated team of academically and professionally qualified teachers with extensive years of teaching experience. 

Heads of Sections

Director of Studies

Head of Middle School

Head of Junior School

Head of Elementary School

Head of Montessori School
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