The AIS track and field facility is well-developed and maintained. For students interested in sprinting, long-distance running, jumping, and throwing events, the school provides appropriate equipment and instruction.


We provide students with a swimming pool facility. The pool comprises lanes and is appropriate for both recreational swimming and competitive training. Students can learn swimming techniques, water safety, and partake in swimming competitions at the school and district levels.


Students are able to develop their basketball skills at AIS by participating in inter-school tournaments along with regular training sessions. To encourage respectful competition among students, the school more often arranges friendly matches and tournaments.


We provide archery facilities, including shooting ranges and targets. Students will be able to engage in archery, improve their attention and precision, and compete in archery contests.


AIS provides well-maintained cricket nets for students who enjoy cricket, allowing students to improve their batting, bowling, and fielding techniques under the supervision of qualified coaches.


We provide a specialized space for karate practice, which includes mats and training equipment. Through this martial art, students can acquire self-defense methods, improve their fitness, and develop discipline and focus.


We proudly offer Netball as an engaging sport for our students. Students receive the opportunity to embrace teamwork, strengthen their abilities, and enjoy the excitement of competitive play through professionally qualified instructors and outstanding facilities. We provide students with a platform for personal development, and a healthy, active lifestyle.


AIS offers students the opportunity to explore and excel in the sport of rowing, as well as to develop their skills and compete in rowing competitions.


We provide excellent football facilities for students, and the school encourages the development of football skills through coaching, training sessions, and participation in leagues and inter-school competitions.


Tennis is a dynamic sport in which students can develop flexibility, strategy, and sportsmanship on the court. We provide an opportunity for students to enhance their talents and a love for the sport by providing excellent instruction and well-maintained facilities.

Asian International School (AIS) offers a comprehensive range of sports facilities and resources to cater to the diverse sporting interests and needs of its students.

“Discover the thrill of competition and the joy of teamwork at AIS sports department – where champions are forged.”