AIS Sports: where champions are made and dreams take flight!

The basketball and netball courts at AIS are systematically maintained, ensuring that they are in excellent condition at all times. Every detail is carefully adhered to, from polished surfaces to well-maintained equipment, to create an attractive and elegant atmosphere.

In our dedicated cricket nets, students at AIS may improve their batting and bowling skills. These nets provide a safe setting for students to practice shots and deliveries, allowing them to improve their technique and performance on the field.


Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is a work of art in terms of design, flawlessly combining aesthetics and utility. Our pavilions provide changing rooms with modern amenities for the comfort and convenience of our students.


Experience our Science laboratories, where students conduct engaging experiments in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These laboratories provide a safe and intriguing setting for hands-on research in science, by utilizing modern technology, specialized equipment, and safety procedures.

Our sophisticated Computer laboratory is outfitted with modern hardware and software. Our computer laboratories provide students an integrated digital experience, allowing them to explore programming, coding, and multimedia design while also promoting technology skills and innovation.

Aesthetic Facilities

Welcome to the elegant covers of the Aesthetic Department of AIS, where creativity has no limitations. Our dedication to fostering artistic expression is reflected in our state-of-the-art amenities, which include a Dancing room, a Music room, and an Art & Crafts Department. Students get the opportunity to enter this vivid realm of imagination and let their artistic abilities blossom.


Step into our Libraries where you will be encountered with a sophisticated atmosphere. Our libraries, thoughtfully built with comfortable seating and modern decor, provide a calm environment that encourages students to love reading and studying!

Both the Junior and Senior schools have separate Libraries at AIS.

Smart Class Rooms

Step into our Smart classrooms and be welcomed by Digital Smart Boards that transform the learning experience. Teachers can use the advanced boards to display lessons with dynamic visuals, highlight content, and engage students in interactive activities, encouraging active involvement and deeper knowledge.

Our AV Room at AIS is a portal to a multi-sensory learning experience in which audio and visual elements mix to create a dynamic and engaging instructional environment. This room sets up the environment for a captivating experience of exploration and creativity, with interactive displays and high-quality projection and sound systems.

Other Facilities

Refined Cafeteria

At AIS, you are welcome to indulge in the delectable meals of our elegant canteen. We recognize that a healthful and appealing meal experience is critical to our students’ general well-being and pleasure of school life. Our canteen delivers a variety of facilities and arrangements to ensure that students have access to excellent and nutritious meals in a comfortable setting.

At AIS, we place a high value on our students’ health and safety. Our canteen follows strict hygiene and food safety guidelines to ensure that meals are cooked and served in a hygienic and clean atmosphere.

Examination Centre for Edexcel exams

As a prestigious institution, AIS is proud to be an authorized Edexcel examination centre. Our commitment to academic excellence is further demonstrated by our excellent facilities, which are designed to provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for students to participate and demonstrate their knowledge and talents.

We seek to provide an environment that develops confidence, promotes achievement, and sets the stage for students to achieve their academic goals as an authorized test center.

Sick Room

The sick room at AIS is designed to offer our students with the best possible care and comfort.

It provides a relaxing setting with required medical supplies and equipment to address minor diseases, injuries, and emergencies and is operated by certified healthcare providers. We prioritize student privacy and confidentiality, offering a safe environment in which students can receive medical assistance and recover quickly.

Our goal is to promote students’ well-being and allow them to return to their studies and everyday activities with minimal interruption as possible.