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AIS Valedictorians gain admission to top universities

The graduation of the Class of 2022 of Asian International School was held at the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel on 8th July 2022.  Dr. Nishan de Mel, the Executive Director of Verite Research (Pvt) Ltd was the Chief Guest. There were 3 valedictorians who had been selected by the school from the graduating class.

Dunara Cooray who has been admitted to the prestigious New York University (NYU) will be pursuing Liberal Arts in keeping with her interests.  She has excelled in academics and also had an outstanding career in athletics and MUN.
Tasneem Lukmanjee has excelled in drama, MUN, debating and swimming as the Games Captain of AIS. She has been accepted to the University of San Francisco within their Honors College, and was awarded the Presidential scholarship to purse higher studies in International Business.

Yasindu Adikarama has been an outstanding academic throughout his school career at AIS.  He has also represented the school in swimming and MUN.  Yasindu hopes to undertake the study of medicine which has been his lifelong ambition.  He has received offers from the University of Leeds and Newcastle University.  Unfortunately, Yasindu was unable to attend the Graduation ceremony since he had already proceeded to the UK.

The Chief Guest Dr. Nishan de Mel explained the connection between democratic governance and famine based on the research of Nobel laureate Dr. Amartya Sen.  He challenged the graduating class to take up the cause of social and global issues even at a young age without dismissing them as “not my problem”.

Asian International School takes credit being the first international school in Sri Lanka to have a graduation ceremony for students in line with high school graduations in United States.  The school held a ceremonial graduation after 2 years due to the restrictions of the pandemic last year.  The large gathering of the teaching faculty, parents and family were entertained by the graduating class with a rendition of the song “We are Young” by Fun to bring down the curtain for the academic year 2021/2022.