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Admission to Harvard

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Oneli Perera of Asian International School has gained admission to the Harvard College Class of 2026.  She has been admitted on a generous financial aid package amounting to over USD 80,000 offered by the university. Oneli joined AIS for her Advance Level having completed her Ordinary Level examinations at St. Bridget’s Convent. She is an outstanding tennis player who has won several titles at National and Age Group levels.

The selection committee of the university has confirmed that Oneli has been selected as they believe she can make an important contribution to others during her years in college. The Offer Letter states: “Your academic, extra-curricular and personal strength will enable you to access the remarkable opportunities available across the University while adding to the vibrant student life in the Harvard Yard and the Harvard Houses”.

Students of Asian International School are offered opportunities to excel in extra-curricular activities and community service, while pursuing a well curated academic program in class.  This combined with personalised guidance regarding higher education and support with valuable insight enables students to aspire to enter the best universities worldwide. The success rate of AIS students in securing scholarships from reputed seats of higher learning is a testimony to the holistic education and support provided by the school.

The admission of Oneli to Harvard University marks a significant achievement for a Sri Lankan student this year in gaining acceptance to this prestigious university after a lapse of two years.