Upper School

Our learning environment is equipped to meet the constantly evolving demands of today’s digital savvy students. Our students have access to multi-media and digital learning spaces, as well as highly skilled and experienced teachers and instructors who are geared to respond to the technological advances of learning in a digital age.

Our ethos of a positively affirming and holistic learning experience in a highly diverse and inclusive school environment ensures that students are formidable, well rounded and happy. They enjoy and excel at activities such as drama, debating, singing, dancing and musical theatre, as well as the many sports on offer, whilst achieving equal success at IGCSE and A’ Level exams.

We have a committed group of professionals to address learning as well as behavioral difficulties. It is noteworthy that new students settle in and adjust to life in the Upper School at AIS within a very short time. The social space in the Upper School is a well-balanced, inclusive and diverse one where students thrive in a spirit of tolerance, acceptance and mindfulness.

The richly stimulating learning experience is the upper school is designed to challenge as well as encourage young minds to think skillfully, manage responsibly, and balance intelligently all the opportunities given to them.

The Upper School boasts of a dedicated team of academically and professionally qualified teachers with extensive years of teaching practice. We also ensure that teachers attend professional development programmes conducted by the relevant examination bodies.

Hence, they are constantly updated to stay abreast with the changes to keep students motivated in the dynamic world of teaching and learning. This is evidenced in the excellent results AIS produces that enable our students to enter some of the most high ranking universities in the world. Our students have access to a specialist team of university guidance counselors who will direct and assist them through the selection and application process and ensure that best options are explored.