Videos – Christmas with AIS – 11th December 2023

Love by Senior Choir of AIS @ Christmas with AIS Welcome Announcement by Celina and Saniru @ Christmas with AIS White Christmas by Nirata @ Christmas with AIS Grown up Christmas List by Amanda, Thameeka and Thiumi @ Christmas with AIS It's Beginning to look like a lot like XMas by Umul & Nathan @ Christmas with AIS My only wish by Dia, Thimasha and Hirunie @ Christmas with AIS Jingle Bell Rock by Divyesh, David, Miqdad, Bewin, Ms Natasha @ Christmas with AIS Snowman by Keesha, Jordan, Yashinka, Kaynura, Akheisha, Bewin @Christmas with AIS All I want for Christmas by Kaynura and Bewin @Christmas with AIS Go tell it in the Mountain by Intermediate Choir of AIS There is a Santa Clause by Form 1's @ Christmas with AIS Hallelujah by Tashiyana Devarajan @ Christmas with AIS…

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The 22nd Commerce Day was held on 26th September 2023. The theme for this year was "Rise to Action". Ms. Kavitha Sivasubramaniam was the Guest of Honour and Mr. Ashok Ferry was the keynote speaker at this event. Click here to view more pictures of the event  [feed_them_social cpt_id=5326]

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